David Crockett: His Life and Adventures

By John S. C. Abbott

Format: .epub


Parentage and Childhood.

The Emigrant.–Crossing the Alleghanies.–The boundless Wilderness.–The Hut on the Holston.–Life’s Necessaries.–The Massacre.–Birth of David Crockett.–Peril of the Boys.–Anecdote.–Removal to Greenville; to Cove Creek.–Increased Emigration.–Loss of the Mill.–The Tavern.–Engagement with the Drover.–Adventures in the Wilderness.–Virtual Captivity.–The Escape.–The Return.–The Runaway.–New Adventures.

A LITTLE more than a hundred years ago, a poor man, by the name of Crockett, embarked on board an emigrant-ship, in Ireland, for the New World. He was in the humblest station in life. But very little is known respecting his uneventful career excepting its tragical close. His family consisted of a wife and three or four children. Just before he sailed, or on the Atlantic passage, a son was born, to whom he gave the name of John. The family probably landed in Philadelphia, and dwelt somewhere in Pennsylvania, for a year or two, in one of those slab shanties, with which all are familiar as the abodes of the poorest class of Irish emigrants.

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