Bound To Rise: By Horatio Alger, Jr.


``Sit up to the table, children; breakfast's ready.''

The speaker was a woman of middle age, not good looking, but nevertheless she looked good. She was dressed with extreme plainness, in a cheap calico; but though cheap, the dress was neat. The children she addressed were six in number, varying in age from fourteen to four. The oldest, Harry, the hero of the present story, was a broad-shouldered, sturdy boy, with a frank, open face, resolute, though good- natured.

``Father isn't here,'' said Fanny, the second child.

``He'll be in directly. He went to the store, and he may stop as he comes back to milk.''

The table was set in the center of the room, covered with a coarse tablecloth. The breakfast provided was hardly of a kind to tempt an epicure. There was a loaf of bread cut into slices, and a dish of boiled potatoes. There was no butter and no meat, for the family were very poor.

The children sat up to the table and began to eat. They were blessed with good appetites, and did not grumble at the scanty fare. They had not been accustomed to anything better.

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