Joe The Hotel Boy, Or Winning Out By Pluck - Horatio Alger, Jr.

Joe The Hotel Boy, Or Winning Out By Pluck: By Horatio Alger, Jr.


``WHAT do you think of this storm, Joe?''

``I think it is going to be a heavy one, Ned. I wish we were back home,'' replied Joe Bodley, as he looked at the heavy clouds which overhung Lake Tandy.

``Do you think we'll catch much rain before we get back?'' And Ned, who was the son of a rich man and well dressed, looked at the new suit of clothes that he wore.

``I'm afraid we shall, Ned. Those black clouds back of Mount Sam mean something.''

``If this new suit gets soaked it will be ruined,'' grumbled Ned, and gave a sigh.

``I am sorry for the suit, Ned; but I didn't think it was going to rain when we started.''

``Oh, I am not blaming you, Joe. It looked clear enough this morning. Can't we get to some sort of shelter before the rain reaches us?''

``We can try.''

``Which is the nearest shelter?''

Joe Bodley mused for a moment.

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