Nothing To Do: A Tilt At Our Best Society - Horatio Alger

Nothing To Do: A Tilt At Our Best Society: By Horatio Alger

AUGUSTUS FITZ-HERBERT, as all are aware,

Having crossed the Atlantic, and got a moustache on,

Likewise being son of a known millionaire,

Stands of course on the very top round of the fashion.

Being taught to consider himself, from his birth,

As one of the privileged ones of the earth,

He cherishes deep and befitting disdain

For those who don't live in the Fifth Avenue,

As entirely unworthy the notice or thought

Of the heir of two millions and nothing to do.

He calls them canaille, which I'm credibly told

Is the only French word which he caught when away;

And though, in my case, if I might be so bold,

I should say it scarce paid one for half a year's stay,

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