"Confronting Life" - Maxim Gorky

"Confronting Life": By Maxim Gorky


CONFRONTING Life, two people stood--both discontent. And to the question, "What do you expect of me?" one made answer with weary voice: "I am distracted by the cruelty of thy contradictions. Feebly my reason strives to understand the meaning of existence, and with perplexing gloom my heart is filled before thee. My consciousness doth tell me man is the highest of creations."

"What wouldst thou have of me?" fearless, questioned Life.

"Happiness! For my happiness it is necessary that thou shouldst reconcile two endless chains of contradictions in my breast, brought about by my 'I will' and thy 'Thou must.'"

"Will that which for me thou must," Life sternly said.

"I do not wish to be thy victim!" the man exclaimed. "I wish to be the sovereign of life, and am compelled to bend the neck beneath her yoke of laws--wherefore?"

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