Bird Friends; A Complete Bird Book For Americans - Gilbert H Trafton

Bird Friends; A Complete Bird Book For Americans  By Gilbert H Trafton




Discovery of America. The subject of bird migration is of special interest to Americans, because it is probable that migrating birds aided Columbus in the discovery of America. During the latter part of his voyage, when his sailors were beginning to mutiny, he fell in with flocks of birds which were making their annual flight from the Bermudas to the Bahamas. Columbus followed these birds and was thus guided to land. Otherwise it is quite possible that he could not have induced his sailors to continue farther, and thus the discovery of America would have been postponed.

Recent records of migration. During recent years, there has been kept at Washington a very complete record of the facts of migration, relating to the times and routes of migration and to the winter homes of birds. For more than twenty years these records have been collected by the Bureau of Biological Survey, through the cooperation of over two thousand bird students throughout North America, so that now they have a large array of reliable data regarding bird migration, comprising over a half-million records.