Hindu Fairy Tales Retold For Children - Florence Griswold

Hindu Fairy Tales Retold For Children By Florence Griswold


How These Stones Came to Be

AGES and ages ago there was born at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains in the north of India, a boy named Gotama. His mother,  Maya, died when he was born, but his mother's sister, who was also a wife of his father, loved him as her own son, and reared him with such kindness that he never knew the loss of a mother's love. As Gotama's father was the king of his tribe, his boyhood was happier than that of most children. It was as though the sun shone for him all the time, with no night and no rain. There were crowds of servants around him at all times to wait upon him; there were young noblemen a little older than himself who taught him games, and old warriors who taught him how to use the weapons of his times for the protection of his country. While he played and from time to time attended great hunting-parties, yet the hours of the early day were spent in study with his master, the priest of the palace. Like every Indian boy of high caste he learned the sacred Vedas by heart. Very wonderful are these Vedas, for they tell in songs and stories of the noble deeds of the people who dwelt in India thousands of years ago, and who were the ancestors of the boys and girls of his time. Even to-day the children of India must study them as a part of their religious instruction.