The Santa Claus Story Book

The Santa Claus Story Book


Where Santa Claus lives, and what he does. 

At the top of the earth, which they call the North Pole,

Is where Santa Claus lives, a right jolly old soul!

And the ice and the snow lie so thick on the ground

The sun cannot melt them the whole summer round.


All wrapped up in fur from his head to his toes,

No feeling of coldness dear Santa Claus knows,

But travels about with a heart full of joy,

As happy as if he were only a boy.

His cheeks are like roses; his eyes are as bright

As stars that shine out overhead in the night,

And they twinkle as merrily too all the while,

And broad as a sunbeam is Santa Claus’ smile.


He never is idle, except when asleep,

And even in dreams at his labors will keep,

And all thro’ the day and the night, it is true,

He is working and planning, dear children, for you.